Monday, February 21, 2005

"Well, the FCC won't let me be..." 

Ok, I understand that on the radio there are some words that are not allowed to be said or appear in songs. However, ever since I can remember there has always been one song that was seemingly exempt from the Censor's 'bleep', that song is of course, (drumroll)..Pink Floyd's song, "Money" from the Dark Side of the Moon album. I had NEVER heard this song bleeped until July of 2002 while driving through the exact middle of Pennslyvania (middle of nowhere), it shocked all of the occupants of the car. I made up my mind that I would never move to Pennslyvania. Then while driving home from work today listening to Q95...home of the Bob and Tom Show...I heard Pink Floyd's song "Money"...BLEEPED! What the fuck?! I know for a FACT they used to play the original version, along with everyone else. Why the sudden change? Were people THAT offended?! If so, why now? The song was recorded and released in 1973! That is over 30 years ago! If people were offended then, then I wouldn't have grown up hearing the unbleeped version on the radio!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Daylight Savings Time... 

I post from Indiana, and most of Indiana does not observe Daylight Savings Time. Why I do not know. Once again there is a big debate at the statehouse as to whether or not Indiana should go on Daylight Time. The Indianapolis Star has been publishing Letters to the Editor from both sides for months. What I don't understand is the people who are so dead-set against it. Their primary arguement is, "I don't want to change. This is the way it has been for years." I think Indiana SHOULD go to Eastern Daylight Time during Daylight Savings Time. It provides continuity for time, especially important in today's business world...a shrinking world is why time zones were 'invented' in the first place. The advent of trains made people realize time had to be standardized. It used to be each town had its own time...then towns started having two times: local time and railroad time. Sometimes the differences would be hours, other times and places, minutes. It was confusing. The fact that Indiana has a 'time abyss' can confuse out-of-state businesses. Half of the year they can talk to their Indiana offices on time, and the other half of the year they have to wait. Business is time oriented. Why do so many Hoosiers think changing their clocks twice a year is such a chore? I have lived in New York State and the DC Metro area, both of these places 'spring forward, and fall back'. Do you know what happens? The sun rises at 5am and sets at about 8:30pm...dark falls around 9pm. In Indiana during the summer months we have sunrise at 4AM! Who besides those that work 3rd shift are up at that hour?! I for one would rather have extra daylight in the evening when stores are open. You know what else happens when people change their clocks? Often when TV stations are reminding people to change their clocks they also remind people it is time to change the battery in their smoke alarms. You are supposed to change the battery in smoke alarms every 6 months, but how many people actually remember to do this? Clock changing time is the perfect way to remind people of this. Clock changing is not difficult...people all over the U.S. do it twice a year. Come on Indiana, it is time to SPRING FORWARD this April.
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