Monday, November 15, 2004

This disgusts me..... 

I found this Letter to the Editor in the Indianapolis Star (Nov. 14th, 2004)

Absentee ballot returned to sender
November 14, 2004
Nov. 2 was the first election my 19-year-old daughter was eligible to vote in. She watched and listened to all the presidential debates and was very excited to vote.
She had to vote absentee because she is a student at Ball State University.
On Saturday, Nov. 6, her absentee ballot was returned "postage due." On the envelope, it says in big print "No postage necessary."
In talking with the post office personnel, they stated that there should have been a red-metered stamp on the envelope and that is why the ballot was returned. She also said they were getting a lot of absentee ballots returned because of "postage due."
In calling the Marion County Election Board, they stated that it was too late for the ballots to be counted and they would just be stored in their warehouse.
The election results could have been different especially in the close races. How could such a fiasco happen? We would have gladly put a stamp on the envelope if we had known it was needed. How many thousands of votes were not counted because of "postage due?"
Janet Gobel

I don't know who is responsible for this, nor do I really care because voter fraud is voter fraud. How are we supposed to know if our vote really counts? Makes me Mad.


Sunday, November 07, 2004


...and thinking about the world today. In particular, the U.S. It seems to me that most people are complacent, don't pay attention, and really don't care.

I wonder, if the government came up with an American Patriot Card, would anyone say anything? An A.P.C. would be like the discount cards you get at the grocery store- it would go on your keychain and everytime you use it you would get a discount on what you purchase. Companies that accept the A.P.C. would get tax breaks, consumers could accumulate points and get a tax credit based on those points. If you don't use your A.P.C., that's fine, but if you spend 'x' amount of dollars or buy certain items, you must provide I.D. The card could be used at grocery stores, resturants, (even McDonald's), car lots, and retail stores. Think of all the money you could save. Think of all the data the government could collect. I wonder how many people would stand up and protest? How many others would say it is a good thing and for our protection? How many wouldn't be able to see past the 'savings' of using the card?


Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Fear-its what this election was based on and I am now filled with it...A lame duck president who believes he is on a mission from God...what could be worse? This morning on the news (I think it was CNN, but I'm not positive) some 'analyist' was saying since the vote showed a country divided, Bush would have to move closer to the center. What the hell kind of crack has she been smoking?! Dubya is now a lame duck president- he won't be up for re-election-he no longer has to answer to the people- he can basicly do whatever he wants-especially with a Republican controled House and Senete! People are so stupid! How can they be so goddamned BLIND?! How can they not see what is happening to our country?

I want to move, but Canada would never take me, me being from the retail world. Ireland is a beautiful country, but I don't really know enough about its politcal climate...and I don't know if they would take me anyway...I could buy a house and start up my own B&B...provided they sell Bisquik over there...I didn't notice.

Back in July I heard, from an Army recruiter, that no matter who won the election in November, a draft would begin in June of '05. I hope he was wrong, but I won't be surprised when the draft happens.

How the HELL did Dubya get the popular vote?! It doesn't make any sense. I feel the dark clouds of doom getting thicker. This country is headed for disaster. People around the world will now see that over half of the country wants Dubya in the White House...now the rest of the world has a reason to hate Americans...not just the American government.

You know, the Mayan calender is said to predict the end of the world-December 20th, 2012- It seems we are on the schedualed path, but I hope not, I have no intrest in dying before 40.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I placed my vote... 

...and now all I can do is wait. As I type this Indiana has gone red again...BOO. When will this state wake up? I hate waiting.

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