Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Random Post.... 

Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) has updated with her take on the American elections...go read it.

I've actually seen some Kerry ads on TV recently..(I post from Indiana and Democrats see Indiana as a lost cause, and the Dubya camp assumes Indiana is no threat, so I haven't seen many Dubya ads until recently either...hopefully Hoosiers prove both parties wrong and goes blue.

I'm worried about the gubnatorial race Indiana is having this year. Even though Indiana has voted Democratic for govenors for the past 16 years, the republican canidate, Mitch Danials, has an excellant campaign manager. His ads are perfectly designed to win the hearts and minds of those who don't delve deep into the issues and those that don't pay close attention. His campaign ads basicly say, "The current office holders aren't bad people, they've just been there too long and don't understand. It's time for a change...vote for me." This from a guy who was in Dubya's inner circle and praises the current administration, not to mention the scandals he has been involved in...IPALCO for one, costing our state thousands of jobs. Plus, I can't stand his 'I'm a regular guy' ploy. To me he comes off looking like the stereotypical used car salesman. I'm terrified of what could happen if he is elected.

By the way, did anyone see last Sunday's 'Boondocks' comic? I loved it. I'll try to find it online and post a link.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hey, Look, It's A New Post! 

I was Googleing for song lyrics...mainly for Green Day's "American Idiot" and Mellencamp's "Walk Tall"...both sites had links for 'discussion', so I clicked on them to read the comments. I was very upset at what I found. Many comments were about how 'unamerican' the artists are. Alot of comments were along the lines of how they could care less about a celebrity's political point of view and that they should keep their political opinions to themselves.

How much do you want to bet these are the same people who praised Mel Gibson for being 'oh so brave' for making "The Passion" and expressing his religious views? It iritates me when people are of the mindset that people should only express their views if their views match their own views.

And on a completely unrelated note...I have recently accuired 2 new tiger-stripped kittens, both girls...one is considerably braver then the other..she doesn't mind being held, brushed, bathed, and is more apt to go exploring. The other one runs and hides if at all possible and if she can't see her sister when she is in her hiding place, she mews and mews until her sister comes looking for her. Currently, neither one has a name. I'm taking suggestions..preferably names that reflect their personalities, different languages are ok.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Idiots never cease to amaze me.... 

Yesterday while at work I had a customer that wanted to open a credit card in his wife's name....she was not there. I told him I could open up one in his name and she could be an authorized user on the card. He did not want to do that. He went on and on about how his wife isn't feeling well and couldn't come into the store to fill out the paperwork. I tried to explain to him that legally I cannot open a credit card for someone without their presence and ID. He started yelling that all of this was too complicated and he would take his business elsewhere.

Why do these people not understand that if we can open up a card for someone without their presence that ANYONE can open up a card for someone else without their knowledge and run up credit card bills without worrying about having to pay them....it's called identity theft, credit card fraud.....

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