Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Feeling like a hypocrite..... 

I hate Wal-Mart, yet I shop there. Why do I shop there? Let's face it, I don't make much money and they have low prices, yet it is their low prices that keep the poor, poor. A Wal-Mart moves in, surrounding stores like mom and pop businesses can't compete, so they go under...people become unemployed. If the unemployed go to Wal-Mart to work, Wal-Mart can often hire so many people for less money and give employees chump hours totaling 18 hours a week-how can you live off that?

Then Wal-Mart tells the companies they buy from to make their products cheaper. (With Wal-Marts clout they can do this) If the company is an American company with American workers they probably pay their employees $15-$30 an hour. Where can the company cut costs? Move out of the country of course. Then they can pay their new workers 25 cents a day, or if they are a generous company, a whole dollar a day! More unemployment....so now those people are forced to shop at Wal-Mart in hopes of being able to stretch what little money they have so they can try to pay their rent, morgages, etc. And the wheel just keeps on turning, and the gap between rich and poor gets wider and wider. Is there anything people can realisticly do? Not everyone can be a doctor or lawyer, and even if they could the world still needs farmers, sanitation workers, construction workers, sales people, and many other jobs. No I don't have the answers. Does anybody out there have the answers?


More 'Ugh' on Republicans 

So the front page of today's IndyStar runs the headline, "Giuliani, McCain extol Bush in terror fight" as well as, "Kerry criticized as lacking stewardship". I need to find out what the headlines were during the Democratic convention. And another thing I found in todays IndyStar was in the 'Letters to the Editor' section....

Some guy named John Stermer is bitching that the new poverty statistics that have been released are skewed just to make Bush look bad because the numbers are for the past 3 years. He states that poverty has dropped because it was 12.9% in 1998. To me that means poverty dropped in 1998 AND 1999, but when Bush was given the presidency in 2000, poverty levels have INCREASED 3 years in a row! He goes on to claim that the poverty levels are down from the average between 1980-1998....hmmm, let's see out of those 18 years, 12 of them had Republicans in the White House. I wonder how the numbers would compare if we compared 1980-1992 to 1992-2000....Any guesses? Anybody can skew numbers anyway they wish, but it doesn't change the fact that poverty has increased every year since Bush has been in charge. You can read the guy's whiny letter here. http://www.indystar.com/articles/1/174572-2271-022.html


Attention Stupid People! 

What is your problem?! What makes you think you can buy a drain cleaning tool, use it, and return it? Why did you return it with the crap still on it? EW! And who was the idiot that allowed the return and put it back on the shelf until it was discovered by me? EW! Do you realize that when you buy something, use it and return it, it is the same as stealing? Do you realize the associate that helps you could very well be on commission? When a commissioned sale is returned, the money is taken OUT of the associate's paycheck. Besides all of that, why are you returning an item with sewage on it? Do you REALLY think we can sell that? Do you WANT us to be able to sell that? Would YOU want to buy a USED drain tool encrusted with unknown DNA, viral, and bacterial strains? I think not.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I guess I should update..... 

...I'm back from Ireland. Ireland was alot of fun. One thing I noticed, one of the popular songs over there is Green Day's "American Idiot". It made me smile...now I have to go out and buy the CD.

U.S. customs is a pain, even if you are just being waved through. Our flight took off from Dublin and had an hour layover in Shannon. No problem...except in Shannon EVERYBODY had to get off the plane and go through US Customs! IN Shannon, IRELAND!.....waiting in line, waiting in line...the computer quits talking to the computers in the States. Wait, wait, wait, some more. Finally, the line starts moving again...non-US citizens get fingerprinted, asked questions, etc. My turn comes up. I give them my paper that says I'm not carrying any biological samples, fruit, dirt, drugs, and an itemized list of everything I bought in Ireland that's coming home with me. My paper and passport gets stamped and I'm sent on my way. The hour layover becomes a 2 and a half hour layover because of the computer problems....and once you're though customs you have to stay on the plane. Then when we landed in Boston we had to go through customs again...to prove that we have already been through customs...and to get another opportunity to tapped for a bag search...luckily, my friends and I didn't get tapped, as it would've been a mind-numbing waste of valuable time for everyone involved. No I only got tapped at security flying from Boston to Dublin....and then from Boston to Indy...I usually do get tapped for that...I think it's because I fit the "'See? We're not profiling!' Profile" (red-blond hair, blue eyed female)

My vacation also consited of 4 days of GenCon! That was a blast as well..I will definatly be going again next year. Now that I'm back I suppose I should start watching the news again.


Monday, August 09, 2004

No posting for awhile.... 

I'm going to Ireland! I've been saving for this trip for over 2 years, and I finally get to go! Whoohoo!!! I'll be back with tales of airports and how the Irish see Americans. (Unless I chicken out and tell people I'm Canadian)


Friday, August 06, 2004

Does this mean Republicans are worried??? 

I usually don't post so early, as I'm on my way to work, but when I heard THIS on the news this morning, I had to post. Apparently, there is confusion over the voter registration card being mass-mailed in Marion county (Indianapolis). The Democrats say the mailings were done by the Republicans to cause confusion and reduce voter turn out. The story can be found here http://www.wishtv.com/Global/story , if that link dosen't take you right to the story, click on 'voter registration confusion' at that website. I wonder if this means Republicans think they could lose Indiana..... I do find this new law about 'voter registration maintenance' a bit fishy, especially during an election year.


Monday, August 02, 2004


So I was reading the Indy Star at work today and apparently the 10 Commandherement statue from the courthouse in Alabama is on tour. The people interviewed were saying such things as "The ACLU is still the enemy." And another person was claiming that the U.S. was based on the Bible. Uhhh...has she read any history books? The founding fathers were Diests, not Christians. Why do you think they created seperation of church and state? People like this irritate me to no end. You can read the story here.http://www.indystar.com/articles/4/166948-3004-010.html
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