Sunday, June 20, 2004

Guess what I saw? 

Today, as I was driving in south central Indiana for Father's Day, I saw a car with an interesting mix of bumper stickers...he had an Indy Racing League sticker, a Nascar sticker of a 3 with a halo, a Nascar #20 window shade, an American flag, and...dun duna la...a Pro Kerry bumper sticker!! Yea! Seeing such a car fills me with hope and optimism....

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Quick Comment.... 

...If you are a guy sitting in front of the post office eating your lunch while your stomach is doubled over your pants and your man-boobs are in desperate need of a bra you DO NOT get to say, "Hey Thunderthighs! Boom boom boom!" to the size 14 chick walking into the post office.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

All right, fine, here's my Reagan post.... 

I actually don't find myself thinking about Reagan at all. He is the 1st president I can remember but I find myself thinking about Mrs. Reagan. I heard on NPR that there were to be few speakers at the funeral per her request. I understand that. I'm sure to Nancy, her husband died several years ago. I wonder if she feels she must play the grieving widow when I'm sure she has conflicting feelings of grief and relief. After all, he did have Alzhiemers and I know from experience that it is very difficult to watch a loved one go through that. For me it was my grandpa and I saw what my grandma and my father went through during his decline and the relief that was felt at his passing. I think Reagan having Alzhiemers brought the disese to the public's eye and is the reason why so much research has been done on it..after all if such a prominant, wealthy figure can get it.....

Nancy, don't feel guilty about feeling relief, there are those of us that understand.

Monday, June 07, 2004

So they need celebrities to spout their propaganda now? 

So I was getting ready for work this morning and heard a commercial with Mary Lou Retton advertizing Christianity. WHY? Basicly, she said, "Back in 1984 I won a gold medal because I scored a perfect 10, but I'm not perfect. There is only one person that is perfect and I found him. His name is Jesus Christ." Are these commercials really neccessary? Why does christianity feel the need to advertise? Do you see any other religions doing this? No. And can you imagine what the right wingers would do if there was a television ad that said, "Find your own path to the Goddess-come join us in a circle casting." Wouldn't happen as Wiccans don't go around recruiting people...but can you imagine the uproar from the right?

Proselytizers tick me off. At work we have customers that shove 'You will suffer the torment of hell' pamphlets in our merchandise. Then other customers or employees pick up a can of paint only to be greeted by a card that says 'convert or burn'. Everytime I find one I go through the rest of the store trying to find all of the cards before a customer can get offended. They always tend to put them in the same spots so I have turned it into a game and make comment on where I find them...or don't find them, "Hey, they forgot to put a card in the Bug I.D. book this week."

Why is it that people who claim to follow someone who preached 'love one another' seem to be the most hateful, judgemental, intolerant people I have ever met?
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