Thursday, April 29, 2004

And this little tidbit is sure to be lost in the shuffle, just like all of this admin's environmental policies.
From NPR's 'All Things Considered'

"The Bush administration decides to include salmon bred in hatcheries in its count of wild salmon populations. The result could be that some species will soon be deemed healthy and removed from the Endangered Species list."

What do you want to bet this is so Bush can claim how the overall health of salmon has increased since he took office? Next thing you know Bush will want to include houseplants to determine how much 'natural land' there is in urban areas.
What can I say about the Bush/Cheaney closed-door meeting with the 9/11 commission that hasn't been said before? How many times have repubs said the President is not above the law whenever a Democrat is in office, but when a repub is in charge, they are to be treated as the 'the one true god'. NO president should be above the law.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I have always known that I most likely know someone from my ROTC days is fighting over in Iraq or Afganistan, I just don't know which ones. Lauran? Tom? Ryan? Michelle? Countless others from Bison Battalion....Although it has been about 5 years or more since I have seen or heard from any of them, I wonder where they are and if they are okay. However, now I know someone on her way over...somewhere...she's not even sure where...they haven't told her, but she suspects Afganistan. Fellow co-worker Kate. She is a student at Indiana University, so she only worked part-time, but as of yesterday she is a full-time soldier. Be safe Kate.
New Army Commercial....
"Mission: Observe enemy activity from a concealed location. You have suppiles for 5 days-it's day 12- Are you tough enough? Find out at goarmy.com"
So this ad is implying our army won't be given the supplies it needs to complete a mission, but it doesn't matter because 'real men' don't need food and water. It also seems to say "we will lie about the duration of your missions" I guess this can be seen as 'truth in advertising', but to imply that soldiers don't need the proper supplies to do their jobs and the ones that do require proper supplies like food and water aren't 'tough enough' is just a disgrace to the men and women in uniform dying everyday so some rich kid can have his revenge for his daddy. I admire our soldiers and it makes me sick that the government expects them to fight with substandard equipment or lackthereof.
Saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 over the weekend with friends. Good movie. I liked it, but I would've enjoyed it more if some idiot parents had not brought the crying baby. How the hell can people think this is a good idea?! Leave the kid home with a sitter. Can't find one? Stay home-rent a movie. Sitter too expensive? If you can't afford $20 (4 hours at $5 an hour for the high school neighbor kid) then you have other things you should be worried about paying for...like food and clothing for the kid. I'm not even going to get into what I think of parents that bring toddlers to 'R' movies.

Friday, April 23, 2004

The state of the world pisses me off and this is where I will rant about it. Things you should know about me: I am a liberal and proud of it, I was raised Catholic, but I now follow a Pagan path, close-minded people irritate me, and close-minded people that force their beliefs onto others infuriate me.
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