Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yes, I'm still alive.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Outrage, Absolute Outrage... 

Yesterday I went to the mall to do some shopping for my brother's wedding. As I walked through the door I saw an Indy Star paper box and caught the headline, Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs I bought the paper in hopes the title was misleading...It wasn't. Two Wiccans got a divorce, both parents want to raise their child Wiccan, but when the parents got their divorce the judge, Cale J. Bradford, added a clause that prohibits the child's mom and dad from exposeing their child to "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals."

What the fuck?! Has the 1st amendment been completely blacked out by the Religious Reich? How could anyone even THINK of doing THIS? The father filed an appeal to the decision back in January...why are we just now hearing about it? I guess I should be thankful we are hearing anything about it at all. This angers me to no end. When will the taking away our Consitutional Rights be stopped? You think it will stop at Wicca? Of course not! If they are allowed to get away with this what is to stop them from attacking Hindus? Then Buddists, then Muslims, (Oh wait, aren't they already doing that?), then the Jews. After all of that, you KNOW they would start in on different Christian sects...After all, an oppessor MUST have someone to actively oppress, it keeps everyone else in line.

You can read the original article here.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


So a pregnant girl at a Catholic high school in Alabama was not allowed to attend her graduation ceramony but did anyway. The father of her child was allowed to participate. I wonder if the girl had gotten an abortion would she have been allowed to participate then? You can read the story here

Saturday, April 30, 2005


God Damn Bush and his revenge for his daddy war! My brother's best friend is going to Iraq where he will have one of the most dangerous jobs over there...guarding convoys and transporting prisoners...I have know this kid since he was a baby...his dad and my dad are best friends...we played together when our parents got together...we once tried to sell dirt in his neighborhood.(some kids have lemonade stands, we tried to sell dirt). He's not much younger then me, so he won't be one of the children we currently have fighting over there, but even though he is older then my brother he will always be my little brother's best friend...if anything were to happen to him.....

Monday, March 21, 2005

Stolen from "Daily Kos"... 

I can't say it any better, so I'm doing a 'cut and paste'

"""Rage. Fury. Many, Many Swearwords.
by Hunter
Sun Mar 20th, 2005 at 20:29:37 PST

I haven't said anything about the Terri Schaivo case because approximately 500 other people here have. I'd gone cold turkey on it.
That was a big, big mistake, because I failed to build up an immunity, and so I got hit with the full force of moronic, ass-kissing, Constitution-fucking, Jesus-punching evil when the GOP decided to turn Terri into their own personal effigy so that they can stage their own version of Republican Burning Man on Capital Hill. I expect by the time the week is out, Congress will have renamed itself TerriLand. The Republican Party will be known as the Terri Party. We'll have Terri Fries being served in the House cafeteria.

Diaries :: Hunter's diary ::

You know what? Subpoena her. You called it, DeLay, Frist -- unless you're the biggest fucking cowards on Capital Hill (a pretty safe bet, ain't it?) I want you to haul that soulless body that used to be Terri Schaivo up to Washington, prop her the hell up in front of a microphone, tape a goddamn American Flag to her forehead and ask her your fucking, shit-headed questions.

She won't answer. Guess Why?

Because She. Has. No. Brain. Left. She is brain-dead. She is worse than brain-dead, because her brain died so long ago that there's nothing but fluid-filled holes in much of it. Yeah, you can still dress her up in pretty clothes and coo, if you're a sick fucking bastard. I think you're a fucking necrophile, but that seems to be a central tenet of modern Republicanism, so what the hell?

So subpoena her. Bring. It. The. Fuck. On. You. Goddamn. Constitution-Fucking. Cowards.

If she is even remotely still alive inside there, if she does have the consciousness that every doctor and every court that examined her say there's no fucking way she could have with a hollowed-out brain, then she has been essentially buried alive, all these years, unable to talk or even move, her very skin her own coffin, rotting in a hospital bed while nurses tend to her like a potted plant.

So I'm sure she won't mind staying that way a little while longer while you drag her out of that bed and prop her up in front of the whole world on national television. Her pain is your gain.

Never the fuck mind that she said that she didn't want to live like that. Never the fuck mind that every damn court that has heard the case has upheld her husband as her guardian, and confirmed her wishes.

So screw basic human decency, screw the sanctity of marriage, you get to act compassionate to a brain-dead woman who, best case scenario, you insist on torturing like a stray kitten.

Screw the basic principles of the constitution that say you can't make a law tailored to fuck with the rights of one particular person -- her husband, trying to carry out her wishes -- and no-one else. Anyone taking bets on whether Tom "I-Like-Illegal-Extortion" DeLay has ever actually read the Constitution?

Screw the black infant who had the plug pulled on him against his own mother's wishes, because he was going to die anyway and hospital care is expensive, ka-fucking-ching. Yeah, you were falling all over your pasty-white selves trying to bring that kid and his mother up to Washington, weren't you?

Screw all the soldiers who now can't get decent treatment for their own freedom-induced massive head injuries because you zeroed the damn budget for it.

What-the-hell-ever. Being a Republican means you tool up to Capital Hill on a moment's notice, and you can make any fucking law you want, against any goddamn person you want, and the President will even fly the hell up from his craphole of a fake ranch, designer boots still a-jingling, in order to get in on the photo op while you take a giant, Republican-sized dump on whatever paragraph of the Constitution you think looked at ya funny this week.

So, what brought this on, you may ask? Why, I'm glad you asked. Three words: World. Net. Daily. Yes, that same online rag that regularly brings you the screeds of Ann Coulter and other freedom-loving racist nutcases brings us (courtesy of Kossack Christian Dem in NC, who I bear no ill-will towards) the ever-so-thoughtful writings of David N. Bass.

"Perhaps for the first time in American history," commented Alliance Defense Fund attorney Michael Johnson, "we have a court ordering essentially the murder of an innocent person." The injustice is staggering. Today, a guiltless woman is being executed by the most inhumane method imaginable, while those who have tirelessly worked to end her life walk free.
The acts of Judge Greer and his cohorts in the Florida court system can only be called one thing: Judicial terrorism.

Excuse me? Following the damn law is now -- let me pause to savor the spectacular craptitude of this -- "judicial terrorism"?

You know, I've seen a lot of stupid things over my lifetime. I've been on the Internets, for starters. But it's been a long, long time since I've seen anywhere, Fox News or otherwise, willfully put such a gigantic, monstrous piece of true hell on their website.

Following the laws, preserving the sanctity of marriage, following Terri's wishes from back when her brain was capable of having wishes -- that's judicial terrorism, now?

Death by dehydration is anything but quick and peaceful; it can last as long as two weeks. Terri will suffer extreme thirst, drying out her mouth. She will experience nausea and cramping in her arms and legs. Her skin will become dry and wrinkled as fluids are drawn from the skin to hydrate the organs. The mucous membranes of her mouth and lips will crack. Her breathing will become labored and difficult. Her muscles will spasm, resulting in extreme agitation. She may suffer seizures. And finally, she will do what her estranged husband, Michael Schiavo, and the other fans of the Culture of Death want her to do - she will die.
No, Terri won't feel any of those things. Terri is brain-dead, and gone. But you know what would be great, since you're so goddamn concerned with Terri? If people who were brain-dead didn't have to linger for fucking days in supposed agonizing pain just because little pussies like you won't let the doctors inject them with 10ccs of something that will let them drift away with some amount of compassion.

And Culture of Fucking Death? Let me ask you, who the hell is insisting that this brain-dead woman be put on display like a fucking circus attraction, in order to Bring Out The Heartland Voters? Answer me that, and I'll point you at your Culture of Fucking Exhibitionist Death.

Our nation is consumed with the threat of terrorism from the Middle East. We value our own lives and we expect our government to protect us from the bombs and dictatorial maniacs mankind has produced. There's only one problem: While we obsess over al-Qaida and North Korea as the greatest threats to our national security, judicial terrorism is destroying the soul of our nation.
Jesus Christ. You realize, you little shit-for-brain, the number of judges who get "targeted" because of little pinheaded shits like you marking them up for it? It's been in a few of the papers lately, maybe you want to Look It The Fuck Up? Wanna guess how much security that judge already has on him, even before you put out your little call-to-arms?


So now al-Qaida and some Florida judge are now equivalent. WorldNetDaily is just fine putting that up on their site, too. Thanks for that, WorldNetDaily, I guess settling for Ann Coulter calling for the murder of journalists is so old media.

Are we really any less barbaric than Rome, or have we simply learned new ways to veil our wickedness behind the curtain of science, choice and a so-called "right to die"?
It's a searching question.

No. No, it really fucking isn't. It's a moronic question. I realize that the strange new worlds of "science" and "choice" frighten you, but I assure you the rest of us have moved the hell on.

Sometimes, it takes a kick in the face for individuals to wake up and realize tyranny is on their doorstep. The ongoing starvation of Terri Schindler Schiavo should be a disturbing reminder of what an out-of-control judiciary can do when the executive and legislative branches of government are slow to deal with it. Having come this far, both branches must boldly step forward and use the fullest extent of their powers to counter-balance this tyrannical judiciary.
Yeah, God Bless America. How The Fuck Dare People follow the law instead of reinterpreting it to fit modern Republican talking points. I guess there's another branch of our 200-year-old American government that needs the crap kicked out of it.

And if I were you, having just compared a Florida judge with al-Qaida, I wouldn't be talking about who needs a good kick in the face right now.

Here's the kicker. The author of this gigantic pile:

David N. Bass is a 19-year-old Christian homeschool graduate who has written for World Newspaper Publishing and is a regular columnist at AmericanDaily.com, IntellectualConservative.com and RenewAmerica.us. While attending college, he interns at a pro-family public-policy organization. Bass currently is working on his first novel.
Sigh. Of course.

You know, there's a reason that any 19-year-old Christian homeschooler can talk so much like a Bob Novak or Grover Norquist or Buford F. MilitiaPants that he can be printed up in all the conservative rags and heralded as a brilliant conservative thinker.

It's because there's NO FUCKING INTELLECTUAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. Hell, if they had the Virgin Ben writing conservative screeds before he was tall enough to ride the Matterhorn, why the hell can't you? It's like farting, only with a thesaurus.

Can't wait for your novel, dude. I hear "The Turner Diaries" has already been done, so maybe you can do something about Jesus coming back to earth and handing out hollowpoints. Maybe you can work something in there about what we should do with all those "terrorists" posing as judges. And how all the people who believe in dinosaurs get cast into the lake of fire.


This diary has one point, and one point only. TALK ME THE FUCK DOWN, before I put pictures of Tom DeLay's momma on the frontpage with the caption "Biggest Whore In Her Time Zone". Before I start a petition drive to buy Senator Bill Frist ten thousand separate medical dictionaries to be dumped in his Capitol Hill office, so he can start looking crap up about "brain injury" that he didn't learn in college because he was too busy figuring out how many individual chunks he could carve local Animal Shelter kittens into. Before I find out wherever Teenage Circus Freak "David N. Bass" lives and hire Jeff Gannon to go over to his house and service the poor unstable freak in order to relieve all that teenage angst that makes him see Osama bin Laden in his morning Fruit Loops.

And somebody else has the frontpage for the rest of the night, because I am the Fuck DONE trying to be polite about this country-raping three-ring circus of belching, shitfaced, drunken rednecks parading around in Jesus-brand T-shirts and calling it a government.

Damnit, Hunter S., haunt someone else for a few fucking days."""

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Consolidation and Test Scores 

So I was doing some random writting at work today and somehow the 'Indy Works' Bill cropped up. The idea is to consolidate the city and township police and fire departments as well as consolidating the schools. The fire departments seem to be for it, the police, against, and I personally don't want the township schools consolidated into IPS.

Some have stated the reason for consolidating schools is to increase test scores-yes, township students seem to get higher scores then those of IPS, but averaging both the township scores with IPS scores for a higher average is not going to help the students living in the current IPS district.

The plan is said to increase school funds...but it won't. The state legistature already passed a bill that has, in fact, CUT funding to schools across the state. Now does IPS need more money? I think 'yes'-most of the IPS students are from low income households and many are below the poverty level. Most students have some sort of government assistance (free or discounted lunches, textbooks, etc) and most of the schools in IPS are in dire need of remodeling. The buildings are old, unaircondioned, leaky pipes, still have asbestoes, etc-Face it, if such building were stores you wouldn't even want to shop there, no matter how low their prices were...it would be too depressing. How are students supposed to learn under these condions? Why do we expect them to?

Then there is more talk of dumbing down the ISTEP tests yet again. They have been dumbing down the test almost every other year since the ISTEP began. My 6th grade year was the first year the state administered the ISTEP test. I remember when ISTEP was first coming out and how all the teachers were nervous about the tests and how we were told how important it was to do well on them because these tests would show if our school was up to state standards.

So when I began to take the test, I was nervous. After I finished the test I was even more nervous because I found the test to be easy-too easy-I was sure I had screwed up somewhere because I was led to believe the test would be difficult. When we received our results back I learned I didn't have to worry. 95%+ for the most part, even 90%'s for my math scores (my most difficult subject). Then on the news (yes, I was a geeky kid that watched the news), they were going to have to change the ISTEP test because it was too hard. Now if it had been just me that thought the test was easy...ok...but the whole class thought it was easy.

Just this past year 68-69% of students passed the ISTEP test and these results were touted as good, but there is still talk that the tests are too hard. Lowering standards is NOT the answer. Lowering standards puts students at a DISadvantage. Why can't people see that?!

I welcome your retorts...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This is why Choice is so important... 

You cannot possibly know the circumstances of everyone. Everyone should be free to make their own choices...read this
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